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2 slices of bacon,

raspberry museli, 

salad - lettuce, tomato, celery, spring onion, tiny cubes of mozerella cheese, olive oil, vinegar. 

slice of chicken pie


did all my exercises

…….not too bad.


This is kind of what I’m aiming for. A little less abs, but a little toned.

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Ugh..I wish I had this right now…

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THIS is a pound of fat. Think of how many you’d like to lose. They’re inside your body, right now, covered by skin. Do they belong there? No. Do you like the fact that they’re there? No. So GET THEM THE HELL OUT.

have i reblogged this already? even if i did, this needs to be on my blog even more to remind me of what i’ve accomplished. i’ve lost nearly 40 of these suckers.

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I want an outfit like this <33

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